Globalization has connected the world like never before- businesses don’t operate in isolation or within their geographical boundaries anymore; we all co-exist in the true sense of the word. Internet and web technology has shrunk the world and the result is- an interdependent, intermingled and interactive global village. The opportunities are immense and if you don’t understand what we mean, have a look at the numbers below.
Internet accounts for ~3-4% of GDP (greater than agriculture or utilities!!) in mature countries including India & China
China and India are the fastest growing internet ecosystems growing ~20% each year
Internet creates 2.6 jobs per 1 job lost due to internet
Services sector in India contributes 56.9% to national income while 28% to employment, mainly driven by IT, ITeS and E-commerce sectors
We want you to be a part of this growth story and take the onus on us to prepare you by teaching world class courses and concepts along with live projects building your portfolio so that when you operate in the industry, nothing ever bogs you down. Our courses are designed keeping in mind global exposure, different cultures and trends, technologies such that our experts are equipped to take on global career opportunities. We have taken inspiration from world class courses in the field of web consultancy- MIT, Harvard etc. To ensure we are shaping global leaders, a well-rounded course was needed and thus modules, materials have been researched and designed laboriously over a period of time leaving no stone unturned to get the students nothing but the best. That doesn’t mean we simply cherry picked the best courses offered- we added our learnings from years of experience by adding specific modules/ sections and the result is best of both worlds from theory and practical.

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